Protecting our ri...

A woman has a right to do whatever she feels is best for her and her body. Nobody has the right to make that decision for someone else. Women, elderly, and children also have every right to get equal pay for equal work.

Everyone has a right to identify as it fits their lifestyle. #Letthempee Creating laws against people being able to relieve their natural bodily functions is wrong. This is just one of many situations that have bubbled up masked as a safety issue when really it is oppression.

Families should be able to come together after a birth of a child and both partners should be able to take an equal amount of time off work. There should be equity in the relationship of maternal and paternal leave.

Every child has the right to a public education and I do not believe that we should turn our school board over to mayoral control. School board, Parks, and City Council should stay separate but collaborate for a holistic approach to our city governance.

Workers need to continue to unionize and use collective bargaining to fight for what they deserve in the workplace. Nurses need a reasonable cap to the max amount of patients assigned to them as a matter of safety. Our Fire Department needs to be funded and staffed to meet the growing needs of out city. Police need reform and effective leadership.

We should not carve out tips for service workers. It sends a message that they are somehow not good enough to make as much as their peers. If we are going to address this at a city level then we need to make sure that everyone gets an equal wage increase. AND we need to make sure that we are supporting our small businesses. They are providing jobs to the community and they cannot afford to fail. This is not a $15 or pro small business situation. This is an "and" situation. They are not mutually exclusive and as a city our job is to make sure that all of our residents have the tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed in their goals, hopes, and dreams. The average cost of living in our ward pushes $1900/mo. Countless people spending over 1/3 of their income on housing alone. Over 40% of people make below $35k a year. Studies show that to afford to live in Minnesota, you would need to make approx. 17.45. so $15 gets us close. I want a study to look at what a basic income would mean for Minneapolitans. Job automation is coming and addressing wages is a start but we need to look at cost.

I stand with you. Your collective voices are heard and I will work hard for the progress of each individual, child, family, and business in my ward and across the city.