For our ward and ...

A self-sustaining, future-focused city that is: fiscally responsible, effectively communicates, governs proactively and invested in its residents and infrastructure.


Four-year priorities

-Bring back efficiency to city hall. The way we work, prioritize, and collaborate.

-Utilize multi-modal root cause analysis and piloting programs

-Increase the low-income rental rate from 2% to 5%

-Expedite our clean energy plan for a 10-year completion.

-Develop visual management boards for accountability and transparency

-Rebuild business and commerce downtown to avoid dead space

-Overhaul our policing system to include mental health response

-Complete DOJ recommendation review and implementation

-Improve overall city safety and develop safety factors

-Take Minneapolis from the 3rd worst metro to the best metro for people of color

-Job training and creation

-Address cost of living and doing business in our city

-Develop health monitoring program for HERC and Northern Metals Pollution-radius effect


$15 Minimum Wage

My stance is that $15 is a great start. I support $15 and beyond!

$15 is a pathway to a better wage. In order to close the economic gap, we have to move beyond renting and own. We are the 3rd worst metro for people of color. 75% of White people in our state own at least 1 home. We have to promote and advocate for programs that support building generational wealth and not generational poverty.

With retail downtown drying up, I see our future economy is in the promotion and creation of Green collar jobs. They pay on average $25 per hour and should be part of our plan to be 100% renewable and zero waste before 2030.

If elected, I will make sure we have a solid plan of implementation. Automation for cashiers, poor city wide cost control measures, rent sustainability, ordering a regional impact study...all are a part of what I intemd to do so that $15 has a positive effect with strong community impact.

Poor implementation will hurt the most vulnerable first. I have read about some of the adverse effects in Seattle and hope to steer us clear from those hazards and ensure that our workers and small businesses are supported.

We cannot continue to create polarized dialogues. Us vs. Them keeps us all stuck in neutral. As an Army SGT veteran, I believe in putting the mission first: people.


Police force reform

1. Body cams to protect both the officer and citizen. However, we must use our collective influence as a council to push for state level reform because the law reads that if an officer feels fearful they can shoot and largely protects them.
2. Quarterly issue de-escalation and non-lethal force training.
3. Bi-annual implicit, unconscious, and cultural bias training.
4. CEU model for ongoing training
5. Improved intergovernmental communication and community oversight. Prioritization of equity. Just as with a homes equity, you have to put something into it to get something out of it. We have to put resources both monetary and non into the equity issues we have across the city.
5. Increase the number of non-lethal weapons to exceed the number of firearms.
6. Each precinct should have mandatory programming for citizens about the law for education. Launch a citywide 'Know your rights campaign'.
7. Re-implement city ordinance that officers have to live in the city they patrol. How? Current officers can be grandfathered in and each year we will incrementally increase the percentage of officers that have to live in city limits. This will increase accountability and improve community relations and trust.
8. Have officers become self-insured to increase accountability, reduce expenditures to pay off lawsuits, and therefore free up portions of the budget for other vital needs of the city to include paying for body cams, better non lethal equipment, etc.
9. More visibility to the positive work that our police force is doing such as award ceremonies. Presence at town halls and neighborhood meetings, active policing and neighborhood activism.
10. Continue to have community input on the advisory board for cases of negligence and inappropriate behavior. It must have "teeth". We can no longer support check the box committees that exist simply to give the appearance of valuing the voices of the community.
11. When an officer is accused of a crime, they should be suspended without pay until the investigation is complete at which time, they will receive their full back pay.
12. Fund a mobile crisis unit for mental health that is separate from our police force and staffed with trained professionals who can de-escalate and preserve life.
13. Commit to changing the charter as it is written as far as the relationship between the mayor choosing the chief and direct oversight.
14. Visual management board on the city website so that residents can keep the city leadership accountable to the measurable goals set forth to reform our police.


Energy, Environme...

*Continue to add LRT access especially in lower income neighborhoods and supplement with autonomous micro transit options.
*Explore 3rd generation roadway systems and what that would look like for Minneapolis.
*Fully invest in protected bike lanes with green streets (permeable surfaces) for water retention
*Solar bikeway system pilot
*Green rooftops and Urban agriculture
*Carbon sequestration in soil and increasing composting efforts across the city
*Private renewable power generation
Supporting the efforts of Community Power in part by continuing to organically divest from energy corporations and build the infrastructure for a self-sustaining municipal-led utility model

As we talk about becoming a zero waste city, it is important to recognize that marketing is lacking. Recycling and composting organics are the 2 big ways for us to get there but Eureka, the company that handles our recycling says that a lot of what we put in is not recyclable. We need to do a better job at marketing and education so that our efforts are effective and making a difference. The 3rd piece to this is about engaging with businesses so that they understand that good corporate citizens can create products with zero waste models in mind and they should be encouraging their engineers to adopt these models.

**Read the full white paper platform here:



Small business owners are vital to the economy of the city. They add culture, jobs, and stability. Our small businesses partner with our local schools and the community donating funds, food, and welcoming spaces. They also provide job training opportunities and hard/soft skill training for our student workers.

We need to support our new entrepreneurs and existing ones by providing them with the tools they need to be successful in our city.

Downtown, Lowry, and Broadway are in need of revitalization. We need new business strategies that provide opportunities for growth and development.

You cannot be anti business and pro worker. Businesses provide jobs. The issue is business practices when it comes to scheduling, time off, wages, workplace safety, and work life integration.

Us vs. them, workers against business, is damaging and fragmenting our community. I want to change the conversation and light the wick from both ends. We cannot make positive change if we are not creating an environment to cultivate it.


Green, clean, and...

We need to make sure that we reduce emissions and invest in clean energy. We need an aggressive timeline in place with milestones to keep Minneapolis environmentally friendly such as the use of eco-friendly salt alternatives in the winter, no sulfide mining, increasing our bee hive initiatives, responsible use of storm water retention during construction, and overall clean energy options for our city.

A future-forward thinking Minneapolis like we proposed in our SMART city grant proposal. Data clearinghouse, solar bikeways, electric cars, autonomous transit, and on demand connected transit, micro transit, bike's and plow fleets.

We also need to plant eco-friendly foliage, plants, and fruit-bearing trees. Adding urban agriculture and providing mixed use alleyways for beautification, help with hunger/nutrition issues, and innovative space saving alternatives.

Northern metals is leaving and we need to make sure that we complete the research into the elevated lead and other increased naturally occurring elements in the air and soil to reduce poisoning, asthma/breathing issues, and overall health. That pollution has a radius effect and the gaf that we smell and increases to respiratory issues like asthma can have lifelong consequences. If we want to keep our residents safe and assist those who have already been affected, we must invest in ongoing studies and community health resources.


Inclusive models

Accountability, Affordability, Choice

The City of Minneapolis should support Affordable Housing by:

*Discouraging gentrification (Studies show that gentrification ( has and is impacting our neighborhoods:
and ensuring that Affordable Housing opportunities are distributed evenly across the city
Expanding the role of city inspections to ensure that Affordable Housing properties comply with accepted standards of habitability
*Adapting zoning to allow for micro-housing and small business opportunities
*Exploring and developing Public/Private partnerships to extend the power of available funds
*$15 wage and beyond.
*Every building should have 25% of the unit's income based using an adaptable model
*incentivize developers to build green

You can read the full white paper platform here:


Increased collabo...

Education in Minneapolis has been struggling for years with low graduation rates and strategic plans
being slow moving.

Each councilman/woman/person should be collaborative and support the educational needs and efforts in their ward.

The 2020 committee that is state mandated should also have CM/CW/CP presence as education issues in our city have a direct impact on future unemployment, crime, safety, school to prison pipeline, and the ability to earn a living wage.

I would love to see a collaborative effort to address the mental health needs of our students, better supports in place for students with IEPs, a transportation app so we can see real time where the buses are when they are late, free city-wide pre-K, and free lunch for all students with salad bars and farm to table fresh options.

We have been looking into free tuition at our community colleges. This may not be something we can do alone at the municipal level but I am a proponent of it and would do what I can to make it happen.


Protecting our ri...

A woman has a right to do whatever she feels is best for her and her body. Nobody has the right to make that decision for someone else. Women, elderly, and children also have every right to get equal pay for equal work.

Everyone has a right to identify as it fits their lifestyle.

Families should be able to come together after a birth of a child and both partners should be able to take an equal amount of time off work. There should be equity in the relationship of maternal and paternal leave.

Every child has the right to a public education and I do not believe that we should turn our school board over to mayoral control. School board, Parks, and City Council should stay separate but collaborate for a holistic approach to our city governance. It is a matrix and not a solid line structure that we operate under.

Beyond $15. I want a study to look at what a basic income would mean for Minneapolitans. Job automation is increasing and addressing wages is a start but over time it is not a sustainable model. In addition, we must focus on the cost of living and operating in this city if we really want Minneapolis to be a city that is truly livable.