Energy, Environment, and Transportation

*Continue to add LRT access especially in lower income neighborhoods and supplement with autonomous micro transit options.
*Explore 3rd generation roadway systems and what that would look like for Minneapolis.
*Fully invest in protected bike lanes with green streets (permeable surfaces) for water retention
*Solar bikeway system pilot
*Green rooftops and Urban agriculture
*Carbon sequestration in soil and increasing composting efforts across the city
*Private renewable power generation
Supporting the efforts of Community Power in part by continuing to organically divest from energy corporations and build the infrastructure for a self-sustaining municipal-led utility model

As we talk about becoming a zero waste city, it is important to recognize that marketing is lacking. Recycling and composting organics are the 2 big ways for us to get there but Eureka, the company that handles our recycling says that a lot of what we put in is not recyclable. We need to do a better job at marketing and education so that our efforts are effective and making a difference. The 3rd piece to this is about engaging with businesses so that they understand that good corporate citizens can create products with zero waste models in mind and they should be encouraging their engineers to adopt these models.

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