Green, clean, and sustainable

We need to make sure that we reduce emissions and invest in clean energy. We need an aggressive timeline in place with milestones to keep Minneapolis environmentally friendly such as the use of eco-friendly salt alternatives in the winter, no sulfide mining, increasing our bee hive initiatives, responsible use of storm water retention during construction, and overall clean energy options for our city.

A future-forward thinking Minneapolis like we proposed in our SMART city grant proposal. Data clearinghouse, solar bikeways, electric cars, autonomous transit, and on demand connected transit, micro transit, bike's and plow fleets.

We also need to plant eco-friendly foliage, plants, and fruit-bearing trees. Adding urban agriculture and providing mixed use alleyways for beautification, help with hunger/nutrition issues, and innovative space saving alternatives.

Northern metals is leaving and we need to make sure that we complete the research into the elevated lead and other increased naturally occurring elements in the air and soil to reduce poisoning, asthma/breathing issues, and overall health. That pollution has a radius effect and the gaf that we smell and increases to respiratory issues like asthma can have lifelong consequences. If we want to keep our residents safe and assist those who have already been affected, we must invest in ongoing studies and community health resources.