Increased collaboration

Education in Minneapolis has been struggling for years with low graduation rates and strategic plans
being slow moving.

Each councilman/woman/person should be collaborative and support the educational needs and efforts in their ward.

The 2020 committee that is state mandated should also have CM/CW/CP presence as education issues in our city have a direct impact on future unemployment, crime, safety, school to prison pipeline, and the ability to earn a living wage.

I would love to see a collaborative effort to address the mental health needs of our students, better supports in place for students with IEPs, a transportation app so we can see real time where the buses are when they are late, free city-wide pre-K, and free lunch for all students with salad bars and farm to table fresh options.

We have been looking into free tuition at our community colleges. This may not be something we can do alone at the municipal level but I am a proponent of it and would do what I can to make it happen.