$15 Minimum Wage

My stance is that $15 is a great start. I support $15 and beyond!

$15 is a pathway to a better wage. In order to close the economic gap, we have to move beyond renting and own. We are the 3rd worst metro for people of color. 75% of White people in our state own at least 1 home. We have to promote and advocate for programs that support building generational wealth and not generational poverty.

With retail downtown drying up, I see our future economy is in the promotion and creation of Green collar jobs. They pay on average $25 per hour and should be part of our plan to be 100% renewable and zero waste before 2030.

If elected, I will make sure we have a solid plan of implementation. Automation for cashiers, poor city wide cost control measures, rent sustainability, ordering a regional impact study...all are a part of what I intemd to do so that $15 has a positive effect with strong community impact.

Poor implementation will hurt the most vulnerable first. I have read about some of the adverse effects in Seattle and hope to steer us clear from those hazards and ensure that our workers and small businesses are supported.

We cannot continue to create polarized dialogues. Us vs. Them keeps us all stuck in neutral. As an Army SGT veteran, I believe in putting the mission first: people.