Police force reform

1. Body cams to protect both the officer and citizen. However, we must use our collective influence as a council to push for state level reform because the law reads that if an officer feels fearful they can shoot and largely protects them.
2. Quarterly issue de-escalation and non-lethal force training.
3. Bi-annual implicit, unconscious, and cultural bias training.
4. CEU model for ongoing training
5. Improved intergovernmental communication and community oversight. Prioritization of equity. Just as with a homes equity, you have to put something into it to get something out of it. We have to put resources both monetary and non into the equity issues we have across the city.
5. Increase the number of non-lethal weapons to exceed the number of firearms.
6. Each precinct should have mandatory programming for citizens about the law for education. Launch a citywide 'Know your rights campaign'.
7. Re-implement city ordinance that officers have to live in the city they patrol. How? Current officers can be grandfathered in and each year we will incrementally increase the percentage of officers that have to live in city limits. This will increase accountability and improve community relations and trust.
8. Have officers become self-insured to increase accountability, reduce expenditures to pay off lawsuits, and therefore free up portions of the budget for other vital needs of the city to include paying for body cams, better non lethal equipment, etc.
9. More visibility to the positive work that our police force is doing such as award ceremonies. Presence at town halls and neighborhood meetings, active policing and neighborhood activism.
10. Continue to have community input on the advisory board for cases of negligence and inappropriate behavior. It must have "teeth". We can no longer support check the box committees that exist simply to give the appearance of valuing the voices of the community.
11. When an officer is accused of a crime, they should be suspended without pay until the investigation is complete at which time, they will receive their full back pay.
12. Fund a mobile crisis unit for mental health that is separate from our police force and staffed with trained professionals who can de-escalate and preserve life.
13. Commit to changing the charter as it is written as far as the relationship between the mayor choosing the chief and direct oversight.
14. Visual management board on the city website so that residents can keep the city leadership accountable to the measurable goals set forth to reform our police.