Small business owners are vital to the economy of the city. They add culture, jobs, and stability. Our small businesses partner with our local schools and the community donating funds, food, and welcoming spaces. They also provide job training opportunities and hard/soft skill training for our student workers.

We need to support our new entrepreneurs and existing ones by providing them with the tools they need to be successful in our city.

Downtown, Lowry, and Broadway are in need of revitalization. We need new business strategies that provide opportunities for growth and development.

You cannot be anti business and pro worker. Businesses provide jobs. The issue is business practices when it comes to scheduling, time off, wages, workplace safety, and work life integration.

Us vs. them, workers against business, is damaging and fragmenting our community. I want to change the conversation and light the wick from both ends. We cannot make positive change if we are not creating an environment to cultivate it.